Letter to Kaizer Motaung – Continue the Legacy of Kaizer Chiefs

During the beginning of 2015/2016 season, you outlined it clear that coach Steve Komphela’s “mandate is to continue the legacy of Kaizer Chiefs and that is winning.” Before that we operated under the theme Reclaiming the Glory, which was well on track.

I write to you as a supporter of our club, but with concerns about its direction, and I see with many other fans of the club during general discussions and on social media platforms, that I am not alone.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Motaung family and all stake holders for your time, effort and other resources that you are devoting into Kaizer Chiefs football club. I would also like to state that I believe and trust in your leadership, because you have always led with great intentions and it’s clear that your mind is in the right place.

My concern for the state of the club, however, is based on recent performance and the lack of us being in a position to defend any title. I understand that as the league gets more competitive, it will be more difficult to win most of the games but I still believe somehow we should still be able to continue with the Kaizer Chiefs way which is to “defend a title” within a season. I am sure that is evident enough and I need not rub salt to the wound or preach to the congregation. As much as the vision to continue the legacy of Kaizer Chiefs is clear and attainable. I feel the club over the past and current season, has operated under one premise – ‘to rebuild a formidable squad’.
While this is necessary and in no doubt of importance, but some of the actions or decisions taken by the football manager conveys an opposite message and have proved to lack significant depth to be meaningful.

I believe that certain decisions with regards to the changing of the technical team, acquiring, retention and promotion of players to the senior team seems to be done based on emotions and partly well thought. The future is unknown, but I cannot help but wonder what would it bring if the football manager position would be held by someone else, someone who is not born into the position, someone “who would have to apply and be appointed to the position”. Maybe that would exact a certain pressure to the individual to deliver unlike when the position is held by an individual who believes it is his right to occupy such import position. Not to dwell on what Bobby once said but I have come to believe that he is unfit to continue as the football manager of Kaizer Chiefs.

Not that you are not aware, but Kaizer Chiefs is more than just a football club. To most of us it is a sense of pride, an extension of a family that we all strive to keep that loving feeling alive. My question is, how long will the loving feeling continue based on current directionless situation. Is this how you intend to continue running your business?
Kaizer Chiefs should not continue being run on feelings, since feelings should be left to us the supporters. We can no longer claim with pride that we are the greatest in Africa not even South Africa. A few titles locally or the league title in succession, now sounds like a far-fetched wish, sad how all we anticipate is a draw and a win has become the greatest achievement.

We need a vision of how we operate going forward. It seems your long-term vision, as the chairman is not in sync with the football manager’s medium term and not clear filtered down to the coach’s short term. All that the supporters are calling for is that, all must work together pulling in the same direction. This means that the key is hiring the right “person”.

From where I am, maybe it is luck but Mamelodi Sundowns has managed to get it right and stick to their building blocks and it does not require a magnifying glass to confirm it.
It has been repeated that Rome was not build in one day, but Kaizer Chiefs in longer a young lion. Victory should know Kaizer Chiefs as its father and loss should be a bustard with 15 fathers from the PSL.

I would like to finish by again thanking you for everything you have done, and attempt to be philosophical like bra Steve – The blood of Kaizer Chiefs is thicker than the water of the womb.

Love and Peace,
Nyiko Miyen


Bvinya Miehleketo

Malembe lawa hundzeke aya tika.
Nhamu ya mina ayi tikeriwa, nhloko axikule ku tlula mirhi.
Andza ha kula, ndzi dyondza leswinene eka swo biha.
Lavo tiva ngopfu vari mavulavulelo ya mina ya bvinya miehleketo.
Mina ndzi ri ya bvinya ku kurisiwa ka tindzimi ta vambe.
Ya rhamba vukwembu bya vaTsonga, ya vukarha kuti nyungubyisa hi xintu.
Va endla wonge ava voni ku tsana ka ntumbuluko, ku chavalala ka ririmi ra manana.
Va tsipa mahlo, leswaku va nga voni vumbabva lebyi va hanyaka eka byona.
Vekani mina nandzu, loko swimi endla mi titwa ku antswa.
Rhukanani miehleketo ya mina, kumbe ya lavo fana na mina.
Loko vana va n’wina va tsandzeka kuti ndhundhuzela hiva kokwa wa vona.
Ku ngavi hixi boho, kuhlaya tsalwa leri.
Ndza switwisisa leswaku xiTsonga xientile, marito ya kona akahari ya masiku hinkwawo.

Ndzi teke xiboho, minkarhi ya dyandza yile ndzhaku.
Landzula, iku rhandza ka wena ku hanya tani hi bofu.
Kambe ndzi naku navela, byita vila siku rin’wana.
Byala bya xintu na makanyi swita khapa, hi ta tlangela vuhina.
Ku ti nyungubyisa ku ta ku mpoti!
XiTsonga xi ta tala rivala, ku ta ku nkhule hi mpfumawulo wa marito yerhu.
Lava vanga vandzekana na hina, va ta tshirimuka ku ta vona leswi humelelaka aka Gwambe na Dzhavana.
Ndzi navela leswaku siku ra kona, vaTsonga va tava vatale kutlula vahlaleri.

Eka timbhurhi ta vaTsonga, hambi loko mitshuka mi katekisiwa hi vukati eka tinxaka timbe.
Koxometani leswaku vatukulu va hina va vulavula Xitsonga.
Kambe minga tshuki mi khira kumbe ku tsan’wa ma endlelo ya vakon’wana.
Mi ngatshuki mi endla hi lunya, kumbe leswi swingahi xumbadzhaka.
Hina maTsonga hi vanhu va malwandla, ahi vanhu va nhova.
Rirhandzu ni nhlonipho iswa hina hi tumbuluko.
Hambi loko va n’wana va hi tsan’wa, vati endla vinyi va tiko.
Avange tshuki va hi twisisile.
Vangaka va ngahi heti, hi matutu vana va Ntavasi.
Vo okela vuhosi hi xisana xa ndzilo, va tlhari ro pfumala mpfukano.

Vana hi byarile, swivongo hi navisile.
Tinxaka hi andzisile.
Hi nkwaswo leswi, hi endlela tiko.
Ku kula ka rixaka, ahiku xonga ka swona.
Nyimpi iyin’we sweswi, ku vuyisa lava va nga lahleka.
Ahi va dyondziseni vurhena na vutlhari bya maTsonga.