As South Africans, we have come a long away. We have become a bunch of lawless citizens. We are always in a hurry to no where. we are highly disobedient to laws/rules of the road. Watch us when approaching a traffic light as in turns umber. it is like the wind is blowing our cars/taxis from the back. I realise bus drivers have joined the bad behaviour. Umber means accelerate. Gone are those days when it meant coution.

Driving on the Rand Show Rd (M79) daily, I have come to notice that no other person is aware of the “Stop Sign” on corner Rand Show and Nasrec Road. Other drivers just drive past as if there is no road sign enforcing an action. Either we all went to the driving school and testing grounds just to acquire a drivers licence and did not realy understand the rules of the road.

Hazard lights have come to mean that I am about to stop irrespective if it is safe or not. Driving on the shoulder lane has become acceptable in the morning and when you get in front, you are guaranteed someone will let you back in the correct lane.

The main interesting thing is traffic officers over ride this rules when not on duty.


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