Unqualified Advisor

Check this, today is the first day of school.
Not that you don’t know because you have been posting pictures of your little one going to school
and possibly commenting on friends posts since yesterday.

You see this day means a lot,
it means more than just the pictures on Facebook, Instagram and the trends on Twitter.
This is the beginning of responsibility, this means the end of late nights at
the bar between Monday to Thursday night.
This means throw back is no longer just about pictures.
From today, throw back means you remembering all that you were taught at primary school.

You see from today, your child will want you at home.
this means your child will test your knowledge,
This means it is time for you to go back to basics.
It is your time to relearn everything thought you knew.
It is time for you to erase the short message language
and learn how to write proper and things which are grammatically correct.
You have to be able to explain why “one plus one is equal to two”.

I do not mean to scare you,
just saying that the responsibility does not end as soon as you drop your child at school
or only month end when you pay the school fees.
You are expected to play an active role in your child’s schooling life unconditionally.

I trust you will enjoy this just as much as your offspring will,
because this is the bases on which they will always refer to when they think about learning.



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