Europeans support each other, Africans do it on condition. If you are an active African citizen, stop complaining about Nigerian vs France news coverage and do something.

There is a lot of people suffering within the neighbouring province to the one that you live in. Have you ever travelled there to land a hand and contribute your time to better a life? Maybe we should wait for European media to report about it then UN will send aid and in that way it will show that they care enough about us and we are no longer just numbers in a poverty stricken continent.

It is time we stop the “wait for bread crumbs under the masters table” mentality. It is time we learn to lean on each others shoulders. It is time we are strong for fellow African citizens. It is time we travelled our continent, not only as tourists looking for the best pic to post on instagram. It is time we travel Africa with the aim to improve conditions, to fight against terrorism, to speak against inequality and to expose/report the good and bad that is happening in our beloved continent.



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