History Is The Best Reference

With the eye of the mind I take you back to those times that compare well with the current. There are questions and everyone claims to have the correct answers. We were always told that the past is a very good reference and should always be used as guidance whenever we are uncertain of our next action. I agree, times have changed but the past has always set precedence for the future. It is the best teacher.

Josia Tshangana Gumede was ousted as president after serving three years due to differences he had with other leaders and a new leader was elected to the helm. This man might have been the people’s choice and at some point had relevance but while in power brought confusion or misled the ANC. Maybe everyone agreed or some of the organisations members were in agreement but it appears those who had influence agreed that the solution was to put the organisation first and individuals who seemed to destabilise the existence of the organisation were stripped of their powers and redeployed to other spheres of the organisation.

So I ask myself what it is that makes president Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma different and above the organisation’s existence. Overlooking the country’s interest and rule of law. I believe in any organisation there are expectations and rules that any person elected as a member should adhere to. If individuals undermine and bring about division within an organisation they should be disciplined as per the organisation’s code of conduct. Upholding these rules sets an example to all members and emphasises that no one is above the organisation and that the rules apply to all members equally.

The current African National Congress has proved that certain individuals are more equal than others. There are individuals within the organisation that enjoy benefits that not even the actual organisation would have. There is a lot of cover up and protection that the current leadership and members are giving an individual. In no way does this affect the existence of the organisation but it sure does affect people’s confidence in the organisation. This also dampens people’s aspiration and goals, people who still fight for their beloved country on a daily basis.

I hope the words “the people shall govern” will one day carry weight. I trust our legacy as a collective will be more important than individuals or a collective few.


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