I climbed mountains not so the world could see me,
but so I could see the world without obstructions.
I took decisions not because I was against you,
but because I had to look after number One.
I did it all for myself.

I teamed up with those who have, not because I was using them.
But because their abilities would take me further.
I always strive to be good in what I do, not to undermine.
But to reaffirm myself that I am capable.
A reminder that I am able.

I step up with confidence not to intimidate,
but to prep myself for the world.
I question and ask for clarity not to expose anyone,
but to make sure that I don’t misunderstand.
After all I tell myself I got this.

I leaned on you not to hold you down,
but because I realised I was weak and you could support me.
I stepped back not to set you up for failure,
but I knew I was not prepared.
I am unappologetic, because I did it for myself.


One comment on “Myself

  1. Hlanganisa says:

    courage to you to never stop.its a great read. thanks.

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