Abusive Churches

Neither is this a reflection of my spiritual believe or an attack on any religion but my thoughts on one of the instruments used to carry religion to human kind and eventually move it forward to allow people to grow spiritually and prosper in many other ways in life which will make us relate better and treat each other with a little bit of kindness.

John 8:32 – Jesus said “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” and with that said, I believe a lot of people join a church because they believe it is the answer to their desire to connect and have a deeper relationship with GOD. A lot of the members get drawn in and remain because of the intensity for God displayed by the church leaders and other members. That is just the reception since most of the churches that abuse, decide what information their members should be exposed to. Most of the scriptures that get shared or those suggested to members are logical and nothing thought provoking. Leaders always feel the need to highlight that other churches should not be trusted or their way is not the correct way. My understanding is that the ability to connect and have a deeper relationship with God rests with each individuals understanding of what is expected of them by God.

Scriptures get twisted in order to support or validate an agenda the church leaders would have chosen. Members are not encouraged to find meaning and understanding of being obedient to God. Other peoples understanding get enforced and any questioning is treated as sin. Family relationships are significantly disrupted and the leadership encourages the severing of ties with relatives outside of the group. Tolerance of other religions is never encouraged and only that which the church believes in is superior and closer to God.

I believe that times have changed and God made us all with a brain to use. I believe God would rather have us ask questions and get clarity unlike follow blindly without our faith firmly planted in the gospel we understand and still have room to grow within it. What is faith if it does not get renewed and improved on a daily basis?

Ronald M. Enroth – Churches that Abuse: “It has been said that commitment without careful reflection is fanaticism in action


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