Tribal War – K’Naan

I drink poison
Then I vomit diamonds
I gave you mandela, black dalai lamas
I gave you music
You enthused in my kindness
So how dare you reduce me to donny imus
Timeless in case we never been acquainted
Flyness who made it
It gets duplicated
Mindless violence
Well let me try to paint it
Here’s the 5 steps
In hopes to explain it

Its me and my nation against the world

Then me and my clan against the nation

Then me and my fam’ against the clan

Then me and my brother with no hesitation
Go against the family until they cave in

Now who’s left in this deadly equation?
That’s right, it’s me against my brother
Then we point a kalashnikov
And kill one another.


From Distant Relatives by Nas & Damian Marley


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