Remember to Log-off.

Over the past few days, I’ve heard few people I know complain about their Facebook, Twitter or any other social media account being hacked or used by someone they do not know. The Identity thief would have access into your social network profile. Copy as much information as possible and download pictures of you. They will later create another profile of you and possibly delete your old profile then start inviting most of the friends you had in your original social media profile.

Just like you, I ask myself why do all of this. But possibilities are endless.

All that got me thinking and wondering how a person you don’t know gain access into your virtually protected space. Then it hit me, taking into account how many phones I lose a year. Sometimes I never even bother wiping my information from the lost phones, given all the platforms to register a device and wirelessly sync your information daily, weekly or monthly and should the need arise, reset the device wirelessly.

I realised that if anyone was to have access to my phone let’s say over the weekend at my favorite chilling sport. This person will have access into my Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and LinkedIn. They will be able to even change my password to each of my profiles and manage to confirm the request without me suspecting that all of that happened. They will even delete the trail mails or requests to confirm the change.

All because of my laziness, when I get a new phone I configure the above mentioned profiles and after click on “remember me” and after gaining access into my profiles, I never log-off. All of that I am doing with the aim of making sure that I will have easy access every time I want to update my profiles or check what my virtual friends updated. All of that makes it easy and there is no reason for me to remember none ending passwords or pin codes after all I have enough to worry about between my bank card pin, online banking password and my work pc logon details. Technically I can say the risk is less when it comes to the social platforms in comparison to the other profiles I mentioned above.

With that said, I realise that actually the easy access is meant for me but not only limited to me. It then becomes easy access to anyone who will one day have my phone and feel the need to have access to my virtual space.

As of today, I made a decision, never to be always logged on into any of my profiles via my smart phone, tablet or pc. Never will I allow my pc to remember my personal passwords and I will always un-tick that little box that says “remember me”. Oh yes, I created a separate email address to be used mainly for social media registration and I will never in a single day configure that email address on any of my smart phones or tablets.


One comment on “Remember to Log-off.

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Good advice!

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