Our Friendship

Lost trust in our friendship, now we are just coasting.
We were like two cubs born on the same day, now we just faking.
I was your big brother and to me you were the same.
I tried to talk to you but you thought I was lame.
I guess it’s part of growing up and time for change.
At least we are not enemies but just decisions made.
And I still respect, just like I always did.
I accept that we all mature at different ages.
Maybe your turn was early or mine is late.
Could it be, you could not deal with my clowning.
My late night rolling and going home early morning.
I guess you got tired and all you wanted was resting for the next day.
This might be how I see it, and not how it is.

Remember when you first met him, he use to think we were dating.
People use to proclaim “there is no way a guy and girl can be buddies.”
But  you and I had a lot to talk about.
My partner was jealous, and I don’t blame her.
Reassured her and told her not to worry.
That you had always been a shoulder.
You trusted me and I knew you would be there when I called.
To support me when I fall.
Told me I have the strength when I gave up.
If you were not interested in a guy, I’d be your protector.
Against your back stabbers, I was your defender.
Did we finally believe society.
Or fell in love, and forgot about our friendship.

It is kind of hard to be optimistic.
Or maybe I just don’t wanna be friends like that.
True, it is all about me.
I won’t hold back, I have new friends now.
Given, after a while they too will drift away.
And everyday I will meet new people.
Some of them are like ghosts in the dark.
At the right time they will appear like angels.
And those I moved away from,
Or those who moved away.
We will always be legendary friends.
No trust lost
And one day we will start again
No explanations, no blame game.

With these words I am showing you how I feel inside.
I am not asking for the past.
But thanking you for your part.
And for allowing me to play mine.


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