Voters Masquerade

You felt used and misled, you said things you didn’t mean.
The masquerade was just perfect,
reason they were confused the next day when you marched against lack of service delivery.
Fingers were pointed, an imaginary third force was in control.

Factions formed within. It’s like your heart said YES but your mind said NO.
You thought of selling your vote for change and they realised.
They tried to confuse you with free bees, cheap T-shirts not worth our colours,
bearing their fat faces and empty words.
They look so stupid with those fake smiles.

Wise words get much older and the old try hard to fit in and be cool.
We look down at the old because they look up to us for inspiration.
Whoever said leaders are born, forgot to say leaders should have wisdom as well.
Their spirit is as old as an oak and they look as young as all of us.

This is not Biko’s freedom, not Luthuli’s freedom, never Lambede’s freedom
and please leave Hani to rest.
They passed the torch to us,
with hope we will find our way as they did theirs.
This is our freedom,
let’s preserve and hope for continuation by those after us.

If the young fail, blame yourselves.
The foundation they started on was weak.
Accept it now, the future looks bleak.
Fight against the norm, it is not acceptable to be a political freak.
A blind follower, easily impressed by strong communicators.
Those who sell a good life to those who can not afford it.
You are not alone, we are in a process.
The New South Africa can not be build in a day.


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