To Commander in Chief: Gedleyihlekisa Jacob Zuma

With an understanding of a man on the street when it comes to politics and the running of the country. I, who is still trying to understand why as a democratic country we are still called the Republic of South Africa. Enough with the introduction.

After the 16 August incident at Marekane, Malema was on each and every News bulletin his voice replayed over and over on radio. I hoped that my president would with all the influence he possesses and all the advisors on his side. That one day just after 7pm would be on the state broadcaster with a message so powerful, a message to unite and a massage to reassure those of us that believe that Marikane is an issue because it is bigger than a few big fat cats who can afford an 18mil bull.

I hoped my president would be on every state owned TV channel and radio station, re assuring the families of the 34 dead miners that their loved one’s did not die in vain but everything will be done to negotiate fairly for a better pay to those tasked with mining our minerals and assist keep our economy on acceptable level.

I have come to be haunted by your signature giggle, by your emphasis that Malema is not your product, by your intention to humiliate Lindiwe Mazibuko and clarifying why you are president and your comments at the national assembly, that majority rules in a democracy.

After all this I ask myself if I should expect a message of reassurance from my president. I am not asking you to deliver a message similar to that delivered by president Mandela after Chris Hani was murdered, but I expect to be told that this too shall pass and those striking for a better pay will have their demands looked into. I expect no finger pointing, because Malema’s utterances can not have more weight more than those of my president.

As I write this, I hear Hip Hop Pantsula in the back round singing Harambe and I am caught by the lyrics. They leave me wondering why would the police in their heavy duty vehicles drive through a community shooting rubber bullets and teargas, subjecting this countries citizens to apartheid style policing. Maybe when you finally decide to address the country, you might not reassure as of anything but will tell us it was necessary to use such force on miners armed with sticks and a phanga being the most dangerous.

Maybe the next time while celebrating anything cultural, we will not see you holding a any kind of a weapon since that has proved to be illegal.

One more assumption from my side, coloureds in the Cape flats being harassed by gangsters are not as important as the investments made in the mines by foreigners and a few elite citizens of the Republic of South Africa.

Should I still hope that my president will reassure all of us that everything will be fine without blaming apartheid and Malema? Should I still hope that our democratically elected government in our republic understands as per the American Declaration of Independence in 1776: Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed?


One comment on “To Commander in Chief: Gedleyihlekisa Jacob Zuma

  1. It is my belief that some fall short of the ability to fully comprehend the responsibility of their chosen positions. They underestimate the power at their disposal, they actually ignore the given power that a position automatically gives them. People want to believe in you, they just need you to show them they not wrong for wanting to and they will follow and back you beyond your own expectations, simply because of the power at your disposal, the power of the office you hold, the power you have been entrusted with; every choice you make, every word you choose, is a direction you are willing your people to follow. Choose well and you will lead well.

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