Once Again

Yeah, how are you doing? Am back again for no apparent reason but I hoped I will find you here. You see just after I left, I saw quite a number of things. Some were thought provoking and some, well some I had gotten used to and could not react or associate an emotion with them.
Anyway this is what happened, understand I might get emotional as I journey back because every time I rerun it in my mind. I realise something else and it bring to the front different perspectives and perceptions about my own. You see it is never easy to be black and still think positive about other blacks, specially when you realise they could be less fortunate than you and possible they need your help but you scared as you look away pretending not to have seen them. They might turn the tables and you be the victim.
Mncim! You could have rolled down the window and give them some of those coins you are not using, I promise without counting they would have said “Ndza khensa, thank you”.
Because of your insecurities you went through a roller coaster of emotions and assumed the worst of yourself. That what you had to offer was not enough. As you drive off, hoping for another chance to do things differently but as you approached the next traffic lights, already your blackberry was in your hand. Scrolling through the menu as if you have never seen it before, the light turned green and you forgot about the second chance and didn’t even notice if there were people at the intersection. Haaa! I see you found a new destruction to assist you ignore and not pay attention of the happenings of where you are.
Pity you left your valuables on the back seat and now it is going to cost you way more than the couple of coins you thought were not enough to share with another like you but less fortunate. A shattered window and stolen valuables now you don’t feel safe around your kind. Amongst blacks, there are them and us.


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