I couldn’t here you cry.

It all started when I never made time to be with you
Little things we use to do
They have come to be useless
I always look for a negative reason to all that you said
At first I ignored your cry
The next time I did not hear you cry.

I use to look in your eyes
But all that changed
I always thought I knew how your face look
I forgot to look into your eyes
Saw no reason to look at you
Your existence was just
And I ignored your cry
Any other time, I did not hear you cry

After the hurt I cause
My heart is soar
I wonder where I went wrong
But only realise that I stopped it all
That use to make me feel better
I no longer worry about how you feel
Nor worry when you cry
Actually I no longer hear you cry

You sometimes laugh
Especially when we are with other people
My eyes are fixed on the road on our way home
I think you were looking the other side
Honestly I was not focusing on you
Not even thinking about you for that matter
Was it this morning when you cried, ag! I don’t remember
Since I no longer hear you cry

Lately we talk through our kids
We have managed to find a way to be polite through them
They always make sure we talk to each other
I noticed your voice sounds relaxed
Jealousy burns inside, I wanna pick a fight
In short it turns me off
Your cry makes me feel aroused
I go on and on, because I do not hear you cry

After all is done
I turned around and fell asleep
In the dream I heard cry
The cry is so painful but I am unable to comfort
I recognise the voice but can not put a face to it
My ignorance seems to make the cry loud
I wake up only to find you crying
Only if I never stopped “to” hear you cry.


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