Prayer and Action

I saw a facebook status update, from a friend and for the life of me. I don’t remember who, but they wrote something to the following effect : “I use to believe that prayer changes everything, but I have since learned that prayer changes me to be able to change things”.

This status update has been stuck in my head and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.
No matter how much you pray, God will not do away with temptation, challenges and our weaknesses.
Religion is not about your environment but it is about your relationship with God/Allah/The Creator. For as long as you are in peace spiritually, no confusion, temptation, challenges or weakness will make your world spin.

Prayer is aimed at changing you and not you situation or environment. You have the power to change your situation for as long as self is content and peaceful. You will not be destructed, tempted or swayed by your weaknesses but will remain resolute in your path, decisions or hearts desires.

Word alone will not change that which is of this world, the spirit was given a body in order to influence that which is of this world. Allow prayer to change you and not hope that it changes your environment or situation.

My old man once told me a story of a man on the one end of a dam and wanted to cross over to the other side. He saw a boat, it had two rowing sticks. One written Action and other Prayer, when the man used all his energy on one, the boat would turn in circles but never moved forward. Until the man learned that prayer and action have to be in sync, one without the other one cause confusion.

To the friend who posted “I use to believe that prayer changes everything, but I have since learned that prayer aimed at changing me in order to be able to change things”. Thanks a lot, I learned alot from your status.


Mzwakhe Mbuli ~ The Day Shall Dawn.

We saw life We had hope. His words echoed victory Brought Black pride to the young. We were fascinated by his word play We yearned to be writers with sole. To twang and pronounce English words like the British, was not part of our world With a heavy accent, we flowed and made sense talking this foreign language. The canvas was tainted Our pure memory was polluted. All which was his lessons, was lost His words lost meaning, his tapes left to collect dust.

Nsinya Wa Milawu

Rhandza Hosi Xikwembu xa wena, hi mbilu ya wena hinkwayo.
Ni moya wa wena hinkwawo,
Ni ku anakanya ka wena hinkwako .

Lowu hi wona nawu lowukulu, lowo rhanga.
Kutani lowa vumbirhi, lowu fanaka na wona
Hi lowu wunge : Rhadza munhu-kuloni, kukota loko u tirhandza.

Ripfumelo ra Vaapostola

Ndzi pfumela eka Xikwembu,
Tatana wa matimba hinkwawo.
Mutumbuluxi wa tilo ni misava.
Ndzi pfumela eka Yesu Kriste,
N’wana wa Xona a ri un’we.
Hosi ya hina.
U tswariwile hi matimba ya Moya lowo kwetsima,
A velekiwa hi wanhwana Mariya.
A xaniseka ehansi ka Pontiyo Pilato,
A vambiwa exihambanweni, a fa, a lahliwa esirheni.
A xikela endhawini ya lava feke.
Hisiku ra vunharhu, a pfuka eku feni.
A tlhandlukela etilweni.
Kutani u tshame vokweni ra xinene ra Xikwembu,
Tatana wa matimba hinkwawo.
U ta tlhela a vuya, ku ta avanyisa lava hanyaka ni lava feke.
Ndzi pfumela eka Moya lowo kwetsima,
Ni kereke leyo hlawuleka ya vanhu hinkwavo.
Ni vuxaka bya vahlawuriwa,
Ni ku rivaleriwa ka swidyoho,
Ni ku pfuka ka vafi,
Ni vutomi lebyi nga heriki.

World’s Biggest Victim

President Jacob Zuma has a serious problem, generally known as victim mentality. He has come to realise that this kind of behaviour, comes with sympathy and people in the process of sympathising with the victim, always support and cheer the one who seems like the under dog.

It is said his father passed away while he was very young, I am certain we all know someone who lost a parent and even both in some instances. President Zuma should stop using this to blackmail us when he is expected to be accountable.

Many other successful people made it in life without having progressed much at school, and I am sure you are aware of many more who have contributed immensely in research and the development of life as we know it today. President Zuma should stop using this to blackmail us when he is expected to be accountable.

His victim mentality was seen as a uniting force within the ANC, but that time has passed. His victim mentality has won him many supporters and even today, his victim mentality continues to play with peoples emotions believing to protect the ANC yet they unknowingly continue to sympathise with an individual who does not want to be responsible but cry foul that things are happening to him because he comes from rural kzn, poor family, raised by a single parent and had to dropout from school at a young age.

This victim mentality got us supporting him when criminal charges were were laid against him, when Khwezi said he raped her, when he impregnated his friends daughter, when he lied about a bond to improve his family home and lately when he claimed to have fired the minister of finance and his deputy based on a bogus intelligence report. Still after all this, President Zuma never did anything, he was the victim who found himself at the right place in the wrong time or vice versa.

South Africa’s biggest victim should be protected, should never be called to order and should never be held accountable, after all he is either framed or other people acted inappropriately but never has the victim ever did anything not even inhaled.

Safety Assistance

‚ÄčLadies have to learn easy quick ways to alert someone close should they be in danger.

Most latest Samsung devices have a Safety Assistance option under Settings – My Device

The service allows you to send your location and a picture is optional by holding down a specific button on the phone.

Make sure to setup an emergency contact in advance

1993 : Mngadi Section

Growing up at Mngadi Section – Katlehong – Ekurhuleni/Eastrand. The days that followed the 10th April 1993 were challenging not only to those who were politically active but to the rest of the neighborhood.

The build up to the funeral services at FNB stadium was more interesting as there was talk that the IFP would be compiling a list of people who were going to attend the funeral service.

After the funeral, IFP members from Kwesine male hostel attacked the communities of Shirley, Mngadi, Radebe and surrounding sections. Those who had cars managed to run away and those who couldn’t were killed. Houses were burnt down.

My parents managed to take few clothes and by the grace of God, all family members made it to a place of safety. Since then my parents have never managed to give us a life that we were used to.

Since then, family life changed. I had to move to Limpopo and stay with my grandparents. I guess everything came as a shock, even my parents relationship was broken.

I am aware of few kids I grew up with, currently they are orphans. Their parents were killed because one parent or botg went to attend the Chris Hani funeral service.

Not only the Hani, SACP, MK or ANC lost in 1993, many other people lost differently.

President Nelson Mandela addressing the Republic of South Africa, after comrade Chris Sithembisile Hani was killed outside his house on a Sunday morning.