Tsundzuka Yena.

Loko bubutsa ri gonyisa matimba
Loko xihuhuri xi ntlhantlha hinkwaswo
Loko mahlo ya ku ya khanisa mihloti
I nkarhi, tsundzuka yena.

Loko switsundzuxo swa ku swi ri mungwini
Loko miehleketo ya ku yi hlulekile
Loko swa ku swi gedzisiwa-gedzisiwa
I nkarhi, tsundzuka yena.

Loko vanghana va ku papalata
Loko gome ri ringela mbilwini ya ku
Loko swivavi swi tshovelela swirho swa ku
I nkarhi, tsundzuka yena.

Loko u famba ni vunonohwi gondzweni
Loko swindzingwa-ndzingwana swi hlometela
Loko vukhongeri ni ripfalo swi leva ku mbundzuka
I nkarhi, tsundzuka yena.

Masana, mapapa, vuphumeri kumbe ku vonakala,
Mahlamba-ndlopfu, kumbe vungumeri bya munyama
Hambi u dya, swe moo! Vuxaniseki ku ri hava
Na kona, tsundzuka yena.

Hi P.E. Ntsanwisi


Munghana wa masiku hinkwawo.
Mpfhuka ndzi tswariwa uri na mina.
Switsundzoxo swa ku.
Swindzi pfuna eka minkarhi leyo tala.
Swivutiso swaku swindzi pfuna ku twisisa eka ma n’wana masiku.
U rhamba vutivi ndzi ngana byo.
Minkarhi yi n’wana wa ndzi lahlekisa
Minkarhi yin’wana undzi nyika nkhikhi woya emahlweni.

Hi ko kwalaho ka wena,
Ndzi tshama ndzi lava ku lota vutivi bya mina.
Loko ndzi ti endla lolo
Wena undzi susumetele ku ti antswisa
Minkarhi yi n’wana wani xisetela.
U ndzi chochoverisa hi nhova
U ndzi endla ndzi tshemba leswaku ndzi le ndleleni yo anama

Siku rin’wana ni rin’wana
Mina na wena ha bula.
Nkarhi wun’wana uyingisela milorho ya mina
Ngopfu loko ndzi ti xisa
Ndzi ti byela vun’wa leswaku ndzi tiva hinkwaswo
Undzi tshika ndzi hanya ebyongweni bya nga

Wena marito ya byongo bya nga
Uvile Nakulorhi mpfhuka ndzi tswariwa
Na namuntlha wa hari na mina.
Loko ndzi ri ndzexe wani hungusa,
Undzi tsundzuxa ta khale
Ni leswi ndzi faneke ku swi endla.
loko ndzi homboloko, uva ripfalo ra mina.

Not emotional but thoughtful

Don’t tell me not to be emotional
When I decide to speak about issues that concern my well being.
You see “me, myself and I”
Comprise of the following : spirit, flesh, mind and emotion.
At any time where I have to forget one part of me.
Then I would be incomplete.

That will mean I am not completely thinking for myself.
It will mean I am neglecting an integral part of me.
Part of me that might need attention immediately after making a decision
Or later when the need arises.

I am a unit
No one part of me goes on leave while the rest works.
Not one part of me goes jollying while the rest sleeps.
Not one part of me is on the other side of town while the rest is here with you.

So, next time you think of telling me not to be emotional
Please make sure to engage the mental you and see if that makes sense.

Ooh! In no way is this an emotional note but a thoughtful note.


As South Africans, we have come a long away. We have become a bunch of lawless citizens. We are always in a hurry to no where. we are highly disobedient to laws/rules of the road. Watch us when approaching a traffic light as in turns umber. it is like the wind is blowing our cars/taxis from the back. I realise bus drivers have joined the bad behaviour. Umber means accelerate. Gone are those days when it meant coution.

Driving on the Rand Show Rd (M79) daily, I have come to notice that no other person is aware of the “Stop Sign” on corner Rand Show and Nasrec Road. Other drivers just drive past as if there is no road sign enforcing an action. Either we all went to the driving school and testing grounds just to acquire a drivers licence and did not realy understand the rules of the road.

Hazard lights have come to mean that I am about to stop irrespective if it is safe or not. Driving on the shoulder lane has become acceptable in the morning and when you get in front, you are guaranteed someone will let you back in the correct lane.

The main interesting thing is traffic officers over ride this rules when not on duty.

Unqualified Advisor

Check this, today is the first day of school.
Not that you don’t know because you have been posting pictures of your little one going to school
and possibly commenting on friends posts since yesterday.

You see this day means a lot,
it means more than just the pictures on Facebook, Instagram and the trends on Twitter.
This is the beginning of responsibility, this means the end of late nights at
the bar between Monday to Thursday night.
This means throw back is no longer just about pictures.
From today, throw back means you remembering all that you were taught at primary school.

You see from today, your child will want you at home.
this means your child will test your knowledge,
This means it is time for you to go back to basics.
It is your time to relearn everything thought you knew.
It is time for you to erase the short message language
and learn how to write proper and things which are grammatically correct.
You have to be able to explain why “one plus one is equal to two”.

I do not mean to scare you,
just saying that the responsibility does not end as soon as you drop your child at school
or only month end when you pay the school fees.
You are expected to play an active role in your child’s schooling life unconditionally.

I trust you will enjoy this just as much as your offspring will,
because this is the bases on which they will always refer to when they think about learning.



Europeans support each other, Africans do it on condition. If you are an active African citizen, stop complaining about Nigerian vs France news coverage and do something.

There is a lot of people suffering within the neighbouring province to the one that you live in. Have you ever travelled there to land a hand and contribute your time to better a life? Maybe we should wait for European media to report about it then UN will send aid and in that way it will show that they care enough about us and we are no longer just numbers in a poverty stricken continent.

It is time we stop the “wait for bread crumbs under the masters table” mentality. It is time we learn to lean on each others shoulders. It is time we are strong for fellow African citizens. It is time we travelled our continent, not only as tourists looking for the best pic to post on instagram. It is time we travel Africa with the aim to improve conditions, to fight against terrorism, to speak against inequality and to expose/report the good and bad that is happening in our beloved continent.


Always About

It is not always about physical appearance,
How good you look when you are wrapped in designer clothes
Or which latest piece of garment
And how expensive it was.

It is always about your state of mind,
How easy you adopt to change and new situation.
It is about how open are you to foreign ideas
Do you remain calm in foreign surroundings

It is always about the healthiness of your internal organs.
Your willingness to try things meant to improve your life
Always about the ability to remain discipline
And Keep in mind everything should be done in moderation.

It is always about emotional intelligence,
the ability to start and keep healthy relationships in your life
The ability to be confident and not be ignorant
Understanding that we are all spirits
And that you need spiritual happiness

It is always about your happiness
After we are all gone
And you are by yourself